Schedule Healthcare Professionals Fast, Accurately and Fairly

With an Intelligent Staff Scheduling Solution

Solve Resource Challenges

Significantly Improve Engagement, Access and Satisfaction for Staff, Care Providers and Physicians.

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Flexibility of Momentum’s Scheduling Software
provides a solution to fix challenges for many.

Market challenges we hear

  • Lack scheduling automation & repeat management
  • Lack resource capacity & coverage assurance
  • Challenge handling employee time-off, swap requests and approvals
  • Need updated / real-time schedule access for staff
  • Can’t manage multi-site scheduling
  • Incur high labor costs
  • Need compliance management

Who Momentum helps

  • Clinical Research
  • Care Providers & Physician Groups
  • Hospitals & Health Systems
  • Medical Departments – Radiology, Allergy, Anesthesiology, Laboratory, Respiratory, PT
  • Specialties, Center & Clinics – Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Woman’s Health, OP Surgery, Behavioral Health …
  • Multi-Site Locations, Groups, Clinics

Momentum offers effective scheduling for all types and sizes of healthcare organizations


Time management impacts every aspect of Healthcare, most pointedly employee satisfaction and retention which directly impacts patient care, treatment and satisfaction.

A critically shrinking workforce demands cost-effective staff scheduling, efficient request management and effortless real-time schedule access. Assuring care coverage is in the right place at the right time. 


Elevate Healthcare Staff Scheduling with Momentum by BioSked

Elevate your Healthcare Staff Scheduling with Momentum by BioSked

Simplified Administration

  • Create & manage employee & call schedules. Repeat ability.
  • Deployment & capacity coverage
  • Impartial shift distribution
  • Conflict detection

Staff Request Management

  • Review time off & swap requests
  • Centralized request management
  • Real-time change notifications

Accessible Anywhere Anytime

  • Mobile access (iOS & Android)
  • Web-based with schedule syncing
  • View schedule & submit requests remotely

Committed Support & Service

  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Configuration assistance
  • Workflow optimization

HR & Schedule Management

  • Clocking System
  • Overtime & Compensation tracking
  • Staff conflict awareness / organizational rules

Reporting, Analytics & Insight

  • Track various insights & assignments by person, role, group, and location
  • Monitor shift equity
  • Track vacation hours & allowances

Momentum Customers Experience


reduction in overtime


time saved on the construction of schedules


fewer unknown & unscheduled absences


“It’s nice to be able to trust that the Momentum team will be available to address whatever needs we have. This level of service makes us confident in our ability to continue to succeed while using Momentum.”

K. Barrett

Administrative Specialist at University of Washington



“What used to take my secretary and me a whole week now takes less than day. We can schedule three months at a time; press a button and the schedule is filled in for you.”


University of Rochester Medical Center Pathology Department in Rochester, NY (USA)


Momentum offers a full featured cloud-based scheduling SAAS model solution. It is scalable across a variety of organizational types ranging from hospital systems to departments to specialty groups to physician offices.

Our customers benefit from a range of attributes for various users; scheduling managers, care providers, staff and other resources. With Momentum they realize positive changes in productivity, shift coverage, communication, along with a variety of other features which lead to increased management, staff & employee satisfaction and retention.

Using Momentum assures the right resources are at the right place at the right time to deliver patient care.

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