Stop Unfair Staff Scheduling!

Provide your physicians and staff with the latest schedule the second it is completed. Ensure your schedule is always built accurately and fairly.

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 Cloud Based

Access Momentum anytime, anywhere and optimize your infrastructure costs.


Receive notifications when a new schedule is available or when a shift has changed.


Organize your workforce on multiple sites, create can work/can’t work rules based on site proximity.


Integrates with varieties of software to improve your healthcare staff scheduling process.


Intelligently built around organizational rules, equitably distribute shifts.

Time tracking

Track time worked at the most granular level possible by using software or physical clocking device.


Accurately monitor shift equity, and track assignments by staff, role, group and location.


Access your schedule and request time off from iOS or Android app.

Physician and Staff Scheduling simple and centralized

No matter what therapy you practice, whether in a private medical practice or  large hospitals, you will increase both productivity and employee satisfaction with Momentum scheduling software.

Our functionality is backed up by constant support, regular software updates and additions aimed to make your healthcare scheduling process even easier.

Schedules based upon your pre-coded rules and constraints

Our leading automatic scheduling software for physicians and staff, available online and on smartphone, is always there for you!

Instead of making schedules susceptible to human error, automatic scheduling saves precious time and resources with its precision and speed.
Scheduling software  can help a healthcare organization tackle a number of several administrative and personnel tasks, including:

  • Staff schedule management and notifications
  • Self-scheduling and shift-swapping
  • Administrative approval and access
  • Staff hours, overtime, and paid time off tracking
  • Robust compliance maintenance
  • Standard time-clocking

While traditional methods leave these administrative duties, HR tasks and scheduling tasks to the risk of human error, scheduling software works to integrate tasks into one concise system. As a result, organizations will have a more streamlined system that follows best practices and is less prone to error.

The University of Rochester, Pathology Department is a testament to this:

Insured Benefits for your Healthcare Organizations

Optimize the organization of physicians and staff schedules and truly enhance focus on patient care!

Our scheduling software provides many benefits for healthcare organizations including increased efficiency and lower margin of error, ensured ACA compliance, financial benefits, staff satisfaction and performance.

Thus, Momentum Provides


reduction in overtime


time saved on the construction of schedules


fewer unscheduled absences

What Customers Say About Us

“It’s nice to be able to trust that the Momentum team will be available to address whatever needs we have. This level of service makes us confident in our ability to continue to succeed while using Momentum.”

K. Barrett

Administrative Specialist at University of Washington



“What used to take my secretary and me a whole week now takes less than day. We can schedule three months at a time; press a button and the schedule is filled in for you.”


University of Rochester Medical Center Pathology Department in Rochester, NY (USA)

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