Automated Anesthesiology Scheduling Software

Anesthesia teams have unique scheduling needs

Between multiple assignments and building equitable daily & on-call schedules for Physicians CRNAs, and residents, we understand that optimizing and maximizing your Anesthesiology workforce is a high priority despite not often having a large amount of time to allocate towards it.

Introducing Momentum: your Anesthesia team scheduler, time-saver and problem-solver.

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Benefits of Enhanced Staff Scheduling for Anesthesia Teams

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scheduling efficiency

Maximized resource utilization

Time reduction
on scheduling staff

Extra focus
on patient care​

of assignments

Improved staff satisfaction & retention​

Automated Anesthesia Staff Scheduling

With a single click, our intelligent and customizable rules-based algorithm uses your Anesthesia organization’s specific set of needs to build fully developed staff schedules quickly, efficiently, and fairly across multiple locations and departments.

Momentum allows you to:

  • Set unique rules for your organization, including staff scheduling dependencies and availability.

  • Automatically allocate your resources according to their skills and your organizational constraints.

  • Coordinate schedules across multiple professions, departments and locations.

Healthcare Scheduling Software Built with Your Needs in Mind

Momentum’s scheduling software gives your organization the ability to utilize:

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    On-Call Scheduling

    Built to accommodate your team’s on-call staffing needs, both long and short term. Your patients can rest assured knowing that help will always be readily available when they need it.

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    Collaborative Scheduling

    With Momentum, your staff can independently manage changes to published schedules. Give your staff control over swapping shifts, giving and taking assignments, and letting Momentum know which shifts they can or cannot work.

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    Time & Attendance Management

    Momentum can also be used to clock in and out, check scheduled vs. worked hours including overtime, submit PTO requests and even manage contracts.

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    Analytics & Insights

    Through generating customized reports, key stakeholders can quickly and easily make informed decisions based on real-time, relevant data.

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    Mobile Access & Notifications

    Another benefit of using Momentum is the mobile access paired with real-time alerts. Keep your team updated on any and all important changes via push notifications.

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Why BioSked?

Dedicated Account Management

We pride ourselves on maintaining ongoing, collaborative relationships with Momentum’s users through proactive customer service. From day one, we will work with you to establish a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s needs. Together, we will develop a fully tailored scheduling strategy and train your team on how to utilize it. Even after the schedules are in place, we will remain an ongoing resource to you. We are happy to help answer questions, provide further training, and strategize new ways of streamlining your organization’s scheduling efforts.

Built to Scale Along with Your Organization

Today, the workplace is ever-evolving. From organizational restructuring to departmental growth, Momentum is built to accommodate each change that may come your way. By working with your dedicated Project Manager, we will develop a tailored solution to reflect your team’s changing needs.

Ready to save valuable time and resources when scheduling your Anesthesiology team?

See what Momentum users have to say!

The absolute best thing about Momentum is the ability to schedule my staff so far in advance.

Michelle Erickson

Scheduling Administrator Olivia Hospital

I really like that Momentum gives me the ability to build and publish my schedule by individual professions in different layers.

Chelsi Schichtenberg

Scheduling Administrator Lakewood Health System

Momentum gives me a really effective visualization of the staffing in each clinic, with this I am able to quickly make informed decisions.

Heather Naef

Scheduling Administrator Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center