Improve & optimize your early phases Clinical Trial resources management and operational workflows with Momentum staff scheduler

Which of the following initiatives align with your Clinical Trial team?

Scheduling and communication optimization (avoid studies delay, etc.)

Clinician alignment to procedural requirements

Staff satisfaction and retention

Resource usage maximization

Cost containment & budget optimization

Participant retention

Enable effective management of your clinical trial resources, procedural requirements
and costs by integrating with Momentum

Seamlessly builds your schedule based on study protocol requirements and available resources

Momentum enables resource & facility operational optimization, seamlessly integrates with your EDC/eSource real-time, PI to PRN to procedure to participant alignment

Increase participant satisfaction and retention as Momentum helps to reduce wait times by enabling procedure and clinical staff organizational management.

Ensure operational excellence by automatically adapting to your staff schedules to your studies needs

Effectively aligns resource optimization

Eliminate errors/duplication from manual schedule approaches

Enhance PI & PRN satisfaction with empowerment to interact with their schedule in real-time (time-off requests, swap shifts)

Enhance your industry reputation as an effective efficient
Clinical Trial provider!

Discover a new way to optimize
your Clinical Trial resources!

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