BioSked Leadership Team

Thomas Biosked

Thomas Le Dall

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Thomas Le Dall is currently CEO for BioSked. He was previously product line manager at Bio-Optronics, now part of Advarra, and is responsible for driving Momentum product strategy, including roadmap, new feature definition and design. He joined Bio-Optronics in 2018 as service manager, leading European and US service teams for the Momentum product.

Thomas brings more than 15 years of experience in technology and management. Prior to Bio-Optronics, Thomas worked at GE Healthcare for over ten years, in roles ranging from software development to business operations. He also worked in the automotive industry and geophysics research.

Thomas holds an engineering degree from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l’Electronique et de ses Applications, Paris Area, France.

Sarah Biosked

Sarah Mertz

VP Sales & Marketing

Sarah Mertz is currently Vice President of Sales & Marketing for BioSked. She was previously European sales manager at Bio-Optronics and responsible for Momentum sales and marketing in the European Market. She joined Bio-optronics in 2015 as marketing specialist for the Momentum product in Europe.

She started her career in the French radiology market in 2013 as marketing communication specialist with Global Imaging Online, now NEHS, the leading PACS/RIS provider. Previously, she worked in the plastics and software.

Sarah holds a BS in Information Technology and an MBA in international business from the IDRAC Business School.

Tim Biosked

Tim Daly

VP, Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Tim Daly is currently Vice President CTO for BioSked. He was previously a software development manager at Bio-Optronics. He led the team that developed the Momentum product. He is an experienced software engineering manager with a demonstrated history of excelling in the software development industry.

He is a strong hands-on engineering professional skilled in the Microsoft stack and versed in ASP.NET, .NET CORE, REST via ASP.NET Web API, WCF and other web technologies.

Tim holds a BS in Computer Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Dan biosked

Dan Kerpelman

Executive Chairman

Dan Kerpelman is currently Executive Chairman for BioSked. He was the recent president and CEO of Bio-Optronics. He has been CEO of private and publicly traded companies. He has over 40 years’ multinational experience with IATA, HP, GE, Kodak, SGS and Bio-Optronics. Most of his career has focused on medical technology and business-to-business services.

Recently his focus has been on scaling technology companies from startup to exit. He serves on several for- and non-profit boards and offers business advisory services. A dual citizen of the USA and Switzerland, he is quadrilingual.

Dan holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer engineering from CNAM, University of Maryland and RPI and an MBA from Northwestern University.

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