About BioSked

BioSked is a fast-growing company based in both the US and Europe that specializes in cloud-based technology for healthcare workflow optimization. Focusing on healthcare scheduling automation, the flagship product Momentum was created in 2010 to help radiologists optimize their schedules. Momentum has evolved into a web-based solution with a mobile app, becoming a primary management tool for healthcare scheduling & human resource time allocation for medical offices, specialty groups, departments, hospitals, or multi-facility entities.

BioSked is committed to continually advance Momentum to meet the expectations of our customers, physicians  and healthcare professionals around the world. Agility, transparency and dedication to customer satisfaction will always be the priority for BioSked

Our Core Values

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    Team Spirit

    We pride ourselves in having a truly unique collaborative approach to interacting with our customers that provides the best quality of service. This philosophy distinguishes us from our competitors offering a real strategic partner approach, making us more than just another healthcare software development company
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    Dedicated to customer success

    Our number one priority is our customers. Momentum’s automated scheduling software is the result of listening to the needs of our customers, our team constantly seeks to better our scheduling solution to address their challenges.
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    Our dedicated team takes on any and every challenge to provide first-class solutions and service to our customers. This passion positively affects everything that touches our customers, ensuring a constant drive to secure the best solution to reduce the administrative workload while ensuring staff and provider satisfaction.

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    Committed to improving patient care

    Our product is designed with one priority in mind which is to ensure patient access to care from healthcare organization and providers. This drives BioSked to design workflow enhancing scheduling automation solutions that offers our customers better resource coverage providing them the ability to meet their patient’s needs.

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